News > The Duo BOOKENDS (Dan & Pete) - update - 30/05/2017

The Duo BOOKENDS (Dan & Pete) - update - 30/05/2017


Back in October 2107 Dan & Pete of the Duo  “Bookends” held a concert to raise much needed funds for our “Rainbows Charity”. The concert was attended by over 115 people and raised the fantastic sum of £1074.50 for the Charity.

At the time Dan & Pete said they were in the process of recording a version of the classic Simon & Garfunkel track “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and would like to donate some of the “Royalties” from the sale of the record to Rainbows. A very generous gesture.

They have now finished the recording and have released the single which can be previewed and purchased via the following links :