News > Donation from Kent County Crematorium Ltd - 24/08/2017

Donation from Kent County Crematorium Ltd - 24/08/2017

Kent County Crematorium Ltd

(Part of the Westerleigh Group)

Press Release 24th August 2017


Charity Cheque Presentations, Wednesday 23rd August 2017


Representatives from four Charities nominated to receive Donations from Charing Crematorium met at the Offices at Newcourt Wood for a Presentation on Wednesday 23rd August 2017.

Supporting Charitable causes is an important part of the Westerleigh Group’s commitment to supporting the communities in which it provides Crematorium and Cemetery facilities across the UK from Scotland to Cornwall.

The Westerleigh Group currently operate 27 Crematoria and a large number of Cemeteries and are due to open a further three new Crematoria before the end of 2017 at Aylesbury, Newport and Uttlesford.

The monies donated to the Four Charities  were raised by the recycling of all metals that are left after the cremation process has been completed.

The Metal recycling scheme for Crematoria was set up by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management in 2006, after many years of discussions about the merits of such a scheme, and there was a positive response from Crematoria across The UK.  Since that time, the scheme has raised in excess of 3.8 million pounds for Charities nominated by each individual crematorium.

The Westerleigh Group operate their own Metal Recycling Scheme with the same Company as the ICCM.  Each year Charing Crematorium, and all other within the Group, selects the Charities which they would like to support and these are usually although not exclusively, Bereavement related.


Charing Crematorium has this summer nominated four Charities to share £12700.00 with the amounts decided in consultation with The Westerleigh Group’s Managing Director, Richard Evans.


The Four Charities supported this year are:


Cruse Bereavement Care – South Kent area. We know just how important the work of Cruse is and how very stretched are their resources and we hope that this donation will make a real difference to the valuable work that they do. Donation £7000.00


Rainbows Bereavement Support Group Rainbows operates across the UKproviding invaluable support to Bereaved Children  who need very special understanding helping them come to terms with the loss of a parent, sibling or other close relative and again it is hoped that this donation can really help this lesser known Charity to carry out its’ work. Donation £3500.00



Andrea Rogers RainbowsGB National CoDirector (South) & Alan José FICCM.


NDS (Stillbirth and Neo-natal death Charity) The loss of a Baby is so hard to bear  and SANDS has for many years provided support and understanding for grieving parents across the UK and the East Kent Group are very active in delivering this important work. Donation £1000.00


The Rotary Club of Ashford ( Ashford Parkinson’s  Disease Group)  Parkinson’s is not a disease that kills but a disease that sufferers die with, an illness that has no cure but for which much research is being undertaken. There are drugs that can mitigate the effects of the disease and the  very active Ashford  Group have been nominated as the President’s Charity for 2017 2018 by Club President Steve Parkin and this money will in due course be given to the Group. Donation £1200.00


Alan José FICCM

Westerleigh Group Ambassador